• Racial Harassment

Racial slurs

Racial insults

Racial jokes

Degrading comments


Intolerance of differences

  • Gender Harassment
  • Religious Harassment

Intolerance toward religious holidays

Intolerance toward religious traditions

Intolerance toward religious customs

Cruel religious jokes

Degrading stereotypical comments

  • Disability-Based Harassment

(teasing, patronizing comments, refusals to reasonably accommodate, isolation, etc.)

  • Sexual Orientation-Based Harassment

(heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, etc.)

  • Age-Based Harassment
  • Personal Harassment

Inappropriate comments

Offensive jokes

Personal humiliation

Critical remarks

Ostracizing behaviors

Intimidation tactics

  • Psychological Harassment

Isolating or denying the victimʼs presence

Belittling or trivializing the victimʼs thoughts

Discrediting or spreading rumors about the victim

Opposing or challenging everything the victim says

  • Physical Harassment

Direct threats of intent to inflict harm

Physical attacks 

Threatening behavior 

Destroying property to intimidate

  • Online Harassment
  • Sexual harassment

Sharing sexual photos

Sexual comments, jokes, questions

Inappropriate sexual touching

Inappropriate sexual gestures